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January 2010
by Slingshot Bloggers Below are just a few words of wisdom. Some SEO battles will be too tough to fight, the competition will be so stiff you just can’t compete. Other battles will take a long time; months, even years before you rise to the top. Your best bet is to choose long-tail (multi-worded) keywords...
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by Jody Mugele SEO can often have that which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg feel. In general, SEO is a concept that’s difficult to understand. You can’t touch it. SEO practices change. There are few hard and fast rules, few classes, and few experts on the matter. Often it’s a struggle to even explain it, even when you’re an SEO...
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by Jeremy Dearringer I was almost ready to leave the office today when I noticed a tweet on my iPhone by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land. He mentioned content farms, tweeting “the more publicity particular content farms get, the more likely they risk being targets in a Google “update” that wipes them out”. I...
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