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How to Make the Most Out of the New LinkedIn Profile

October 29th, 2012

by Ashley Billman

On average, how often do you update your resume when you aren’t actively looking for employment? The answer for most people is probably “never.” Now, how often do you update your LinkedIn profile when you aren’t actively looking for employment? According to Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, users are updating their LinkedIn profile daily. This fact alone shows that LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers, but rather for professionals looking to grow and expand their networks and reputations. Daily.

LinkedIn’s product development team took a look at recent statistics to determine what’s working and what users want more of. One notable statistic is that LinkedIn has 25 million profile views per day. It’s clear that LinkedIn is a tool used for more than just career profiles—it can offer even more opportunities for professionals.

In a recent demo, LinkedIn’s product team shared its more visually appealing profile, as well as new features that allow users to make the most out of their current and prospective connections. So, what exactly does it mean for LinkedIn users?

There are three pieces of the new profile that LinkedIn users should take note of.

1. Visual Appeal

LinkedIn has come a long way from its 2009 design. As I’m sure you have noticed in the past few months, the newsfeed and company page are much more eye-pleasing and user-intuitive. LinkedIn has also improved the design of user profiles. The new profile features small icons with each section, which allows users to easily navigate through a profile and focus on the areas that interest them most. LinkedIn has also improved its editing ability — by clicking the edit button, users can update or add directly on their pages. LinkedIn also recommends new sections that users can add to enhance their profiles.

Courtesy of LinkedIn’s Blog by Aaron Bronzan

2. Activity Update

LinkedIn Profile design highlights a user’s Activity Update much more prominently. Twitter and Facebook users update their status every day, maybe multiple times per day – and it’s time to transfer that habit to LinkedIn. Updating your Activity Update daily can benefit you in several ways. First, it shows your engagement on LinkedIn, which can add more credibility to your professional reputation. Second, it helps you to build a community within LinkedIn. The activity update also allows you to share personal accomplishments, as well as articles or resources you find beneficial. But beware: LinkedIn Activity Updates are not the outlet to share that you picked up your first pumpkin spice latte of the season. After all, LinkedIn is still a professional network.

Courtesy of LinkedIn’s Blog by Aaron Bronzan

3. Connection Insights

The most exciting LinkedIn Profile update is the visual focus they now offer users on their connections or prospective connections. Users can now view subjects they may have in common with their connections. This is offered in a nice package on the side of a user’s profile page. Not only can you view similarities with your current connections, but you can view what you share in common with prospective connections (i.e. prospective candidates or sales opportunities). These shared interests can be anything from past companies that you both worked for to a shared hobby in social media marketing. LinkedIn pulls any similar experiences, skills or associations you may have in common with prospective connections. This information can help a user strategically plan a warm introduction to someone on LinkedIn.

Courtesy of LinkedIn’s Blog by Aaron Bronzan

LinkedIn’s new profile offers even more opportunities to build your network of professionals and create a community within your industry. Do you want to be one of the first to make the switch to the LinkedIn profile? Sign up here:

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