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CLASS 2.0 is such an evolved version of our methodology that we had to perform a version update.

We took the same five elements of CLASS that have driven success for our enterprise clients for nearly seven years and updated them for tomorrow’s search algorithms. The resulting methodology is designed to give you peace of mind in the often turbulent world of organic search.

The future-proof SEO methodology of CLASS 2.0 consists of the following five elements.

  • Content marketing deployed by our in-house creative staff of writers, designers and editors

  • Link Earning strategies that drive high-authority earned media signals to linkable assets

  • Architecture recommendations that are impactful and prioritized

  • Social Signals serve as another form of earned media driven by our link earning strategies

  • Strategy that ensures SEO execution is coordinated and impactful
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Slingshot SEO is one of the only known SEO companies in the world that has developed a patent-pending software solution for managing SEO campaigns. This application is powered by over 70 search experts who implement research-based strategies to achieve first page rankings on major search engines. Unlike many smaller SEO companies, the scale of Slingshot’s SEO capabilities ensure that your campaign has the time, expertise and resources it needs to get you ranked. We often work with marketing agencies, web development companies, and even other SEO companies as a partner capable of providing scalable services to their clients.


SEO is the most cost-effective form of marketing available today, driving targeted traffic to your site for pennies per visitor. Slingshot SEO’s natural SEO solution consistently outperforms Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, often delivering more traffic for as little as 6 percent of a PPC budget. In many industries, the difference between first and second page rankings can be millions of dollars. Is your website losing money by ranking beyond the first page? If you want to rank, contact Slingshot SEO.


If it isn’t proven, it isn’t worth your money. Slingshot’s SEO campaigns achieve first page rankings with a 100 percent success rate. That’s why we’re the preferred SEO company of top technology companies, like Interactive Intelligence, Cha Cha, Compendium Blogware, and others. We work every day to test and retest search engine ranking factors and use what we learn to get your site ranked on the first page of those results with a continued record of success for completed campaigns.