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Introducing Ali G

by Slingshot Bloggers

Ali G. here. First of all, let me welcome you to the new and improved Slingshot SEO website & blog! Isn’t it pretty?

Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Ali & I am a recent Hanover College graduate (you can call me a Hanoverian, if you’d like). Where is that? Hum, funny you should ask. Hanover is a small, liberal arts, NCAA division III college located in southern Indiana (yes, there IS a Hanover, IN). On top of the rigorous work at Hanover and being a varsity tennis player, I was involved in just about everything & even created new events & lead new clubs just to fill my plate even more (yes, I was crazy). Why, I even had time to create lasting friendships & find my (now) fiancé! Oooh la-la! Too sappy?

Anyway…Once my final semester rolled around, you can imagine that I had a little bit of anxiety as to what was next. All thanks to a project for my senior business capstone course, that I helped lead during that final semester, my passion was discovered–> A little thing called internet marketing…

I dove into the concept of internet marketing, social media, search engine optimization, & everything else that I could
research. I became a research guru (or nerd as my friends would call me). I even created a Twitter account (which I LOVE). Through research, I saw the RESULTS that social media, blogging, & SEO had on companies. Oh the power of content!

So that brings me to Slingshot SEO. The brains behind this company were kind enough to bring me on board as the executive assistant (thank you!). I am so blessed to have not only landed a JOB, but landed a job in the field I want to pursue as a career!

Watch me learn, watch me grow, watch me become a SEO expert.

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