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Kevin Bailey provides insight into “How to Value SEO”

by Slingshot Bloggers

Press Release
Contact: Daren Tomey
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Kevin Bailey, President and cofounder of Slingshot SEO, provides insight into “How to Value SEO” in terms of Google first page ranking.

Answering the question, “What’s the value of a first page search engine ranking, anyway?” is the driving force behind the analysis executed within Mr. Bailey’s whitepaper, which can be found at

With over fourteen years of experience in Internet marketing, Bailey has developed an integrated knowledge of the strategies used for search engine optimization, as well as the challenges that are faced by those in the business of providing such services.  Putting a dollar value on a first page ranking is an essential first step in outlining your SEO strategy and gaining buy in form business leaders.

Calculations for the annual value of a first page Google ranking are provided in Mr. Bailey’s whitepaper, along with how averages were used and calculated.  Mr. Bailey uses a comparative analysis method to value first page rankings, and notes that, “the valuation technique used…is a comp analysis, similar to how one would value a home, car or an engagement ring.”  This step-by-step analysis is supported by conservative assumptions and a real world example.

The value of a first page Google ranking for a key phrase such as ‘Health Insurance’ is calculated to be over $7 million based on the ranking’s fair market value.  But when analyzing this value over a longer period of time, such as five years, Bailey notes that it increases exponentially and can have a monumental impact on website traffic and, subsequently, sales for a company.

To read Kevin Bailey’s full whitepaper and learn more about this topic, please access the document at

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