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SEO CLASS Analysis Report Meeting

by Jay Love

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a Slingshot SEO client meeting in which our CLASS analysis report was being presented to a client. After the usual pleasant greetings and musings about current events in the world of marketing, the lights were dimmed, the projector was focused and more than 90 minutes of outstanding intellectual property was exchanged.

Our client’s keen interest in the presentation reminded me of the feeling I had as a child whenever my mom opened up a classic children’s book and uttered the words “Once upon a time.”

Some of you reading this post already know about Slingshot SEO’s CLASS methodology, but many of you may not. Here are a few graphics we use to help explain the key concepts in CLASS:


Obviously, the slides can only provide a brief overview of the broad spectrum of CLASS, which is the foundation of our service portfolio.

Those of you familiar with search engine optimization certainly know the ever-changing nature of underlying search algorithms. Even when you think you figured it out one month, your theories can virtually flip flop the next. I refer to the changing algorithms to stress just how important the strategy component of CLASS is to the success of our clients.

This fact certainly did not go unnoticed during our client’s presentation. The strategies presented were quite varied yet extremely detailed. Our Client Success team outlined a customized step-by-step process for the client to utilize.

As a CEO who has worked with a large number of key vendors over the years, I can only recall a few that pulled off such a map of finite steps. Therefore, it is probably of little surprise to know those vendors have worked with me multiple times over the years, usually for more than one company! (One of the key questions I asked when entertaining the possible role of CEO of Slingshot SEO was how many of these types of repeat customers and decision-makers were in our roster of clients.)

Each and every time the strategy recommendations came out during the meeting, you could literally see the client’s staff members leaning forward in their seats. Just like those wonderful children’s books in which you don’t want the story to end, so it seemed with our clients when we indicated we would save the second stage of our strategy for the next meeting.

Our team knew those second and third steps to SEO success had to be based upon the first steps being complete and functioning. Just like any new building, especially major skyscrapers, need a strong foundation, so do “deserving brands” seeking “digital relevance” in today’s fast-pace world of organic search.

My future hope is one of our marvelous client success teams has a chance to make our CLASS methodology and strategy come to life for you. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I will provide a timely answer or two.

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