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5 Reasons Why Your Internal SEO Specialist Needs An External SEO Company

October 18th, 2012

by Jeremy Dearringer

Many companies today who engage in search engine optimization campaigns lean either on an internal SEO specialist or a fully outsourced agency who provides a turnkey solution. While both strategies have their merit, we believe that an ideal SEO engagement should be a hybrid of the two – matching a dedicated external team behind your internal SEO specialist or team. Here’s why:

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The quality of content – both on-page and off-site – needed to mount a successful SEO campaign is too much for one person to produce. When you work with a professional writers, designers and editors who can produce a large amount of content on your behalf, you’ll be able to publish the quantity (and quality!) of content to be successful.

Any worthwhile SEO company must stay on top of industry best practices and emerging trends so that they can humbly and nimbly respond to the ever-changing SEO landscape. The amount of research needed to stay on top of such a fast-moving industry would be a full-time job for your internal SEO Specialist. But through frequent interaction with an external team, your employee will glean a priceless amount of knowledge just through osmosis.


In addition to constant research, a successful SEO company must invest in web-based tools and software to glean insights into their customer’s campaigns and anticipate shifts in the digital landscape. In some cases, their reputation might give them rare access to up-and-coming innovations.

When you increase the size of your SEO team by working an external provider, the amount of promotional power also increases. Most SEOs are digital influencers with significant social media followings of their own, giving your demand generation campaigns a force-multiplier effect.

Imagine if your SEO Specialist arrived to work at 8 am only to discover your rankings had decreased and traffic had flat-lined. Who would they call? When you’re working with a savvy outsourced team of experts, you have a soundboard who can help investigate and identify any issues that arise with your SEO campaign, and respond quickly.

Slingshot SEO currently augments over 30 internal SEOs, providing support and guidance through every step of your campaign. If you’re looking to get started with an outsourced provider who offers a true partnership with their clients, let us know here.

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Jeremy Dearringer

Co-Founder, Director of Client Success at Slingshot SEOJeremy Dearringer is a co-founder and the Director of Client Success at Slingshot SEO. A Purdue University graduate, Jeremy launched his entrepreneurial pursuits by developing several e-commerce shopping sites offering products ranging from silk plants to motorcycle parts.

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