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Business Watch: Compendium ware

by Slingshot Bloggers

It is difficult to argue against the statement that the Indianapolis area is one of the top internet marketing hubs. Let’s face it, we have the one of the top email marketing company in the world. Enough said? Hardly. Indianapolis is also home to Compendium Blogware: one of the only SaaS blogging platforms built for business in the world. Compendium helps companies up their SEO awareness by targeting keywords through their unique employee blogging platform. During a time where 91% of all internet users say search is the number one activity they do online, I’d say Compendium is revolutionizing the blogging industry.

You need to check out Compendium Blogware’s website to get the full story, but here’s the nitty-gritty breakdown of why Compendium is holding down the blogging fort:

First things first: According to Ali Sales Roach, co-founder and president, Compendium is the ONLY blogging software in the world with a “proprietary ‘compending’ algorithm.”

Secondly, Compendium has grown…just a little bit. To be exact, according to a February Business Wire article, CB saw 160% revenue growth in 2009. To explain further, Compendium added 217 new clients last year which pushed its total client base to more than 400 companies. Another reason why this rocks? Compendium plans to hire 50 new employees in 2010 to sustain the growth. Can’t get much better than that, huh?

Location, location, location: Compendium is located in downtown Indianapolis. Not just downtown, but RIGHT downtown…on the circle. Talk about prime real estate!

Still not convinced? Need more technical data? Here’s a short, compiled list, according to Compendium’s Sarah Sedberry, of SOME Compendium blog platform enhancements that took place in 2009:

  • Introduction of API, Web-to-Post feature, and Publication/Subscriber networks
  • Availability for Administrators to create/modify users and manage keywords on their network
  • New Admin & Manage Post interfaces and Keyword Listing for users

Finally, what do employees like most about working at Compendium? Heather Benfield, Marketing Copywriter, loves the atmosphere. You can read more about it in her blog posts, but she loves the encouragement, motivation, and fun that happens in the office. To keep up motivation and help each employee reach goals, Compendium offers fun rewards. No, not stickers or a trip to the Treasure Chest, but complimentary breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner are given when goals are met by team members.

Continued growth paired with a motivating work environment makes Compendium Blogware one of the top blogging companies. Interested in starting or revamping your company blog? Contact Compendium!

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