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Increase Large Site Indexation Speed For Deep Pages

by Slingshot Bloggers

Increase Large Site Indexation Speed For Deep Pages

The launch of a new product can often be over looked on content management websites.  Many times it just as easy as uploading some photos, adding a title, and creating a description before you push the launch button.  Even if you manually launch your new product many people overlook a very large power house on their own website, internal popular product pages.

Pages that are popular on your site get crawled by Google more often than those pages that are deep within your site with little or no external links pointed to them.  By placing internal links that point to your new products, you can help get those indexed quickly.  Below is a small example of a test we did to find out how much of a difference it can make to place those internal links on popular pages and the home page.


We went through our website and found the 10 most popular products that also had many external links pointing to them.  The website, like many e-commerce websites, had a place for related products.  We replace one of those products with a new product that was being launch.  Additional on the home page we placed a “New” products section that linked our new products that needed a little boost.  Below is an example of how we laid out the pages for our products so that any new products would get exposure but still have room for related products.

For new products we launched using only sitemaps and normal internal linking our products averaged 15 hours to index.  New products we placed only in the related products area, saw an 88% increase in the indexation speed to average time around 8 hours.  When the new product link was only placed on the “New Product” area on the home page, we saw an increase of 114% and an average indexation around 7 hours.  When we placed a new product link on both a popular product page and the “New Product” area on the home page, we saw an increase of 400% to an average indexation time of 3 hours.


From the data you can that by interlinking your most popular product pages to your new product pages can dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes for Google to index your new products.  The launch of your new products should still include the updating of the sitemap, internally linking from category pages, and any other external link building you may do.  Do not rely on only internal linking it will not keep your page indexed for a long time.  Lastly, the faster your products can get indexed and found in the search engines the faster you can start selling more products.

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