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Re-purposing Video Content for Optimization

by Guest Blogger

Guest post by Max Yoder of Compendium.
Max is a Lead Lifecycle Engineer at the business blogging software company.

Be Smart
When I talk to our clients about re-purposing, I usually ask them about their video content first, because I find that most people overlook its potential by ignoring two alternative uses for it: podcasts and transcriptions.

If your videos are anything like ours at Compendium, they are educational in nature, featuring a lot of conversation. This kind of video can be turned into a podcast in a heartbeat using tools like Garageband.
Podcasts are great for busy people who want to listen to one thing while they focus on another. Since content marketing is about creating content that suits your audience, be sure to give the listeners in your target market as many easy ways to find and digest your offerings as possible.

Smart content marketers re-purpose their content, finding creative ways to make old information new.

When you debut your new videos to the world, you probably do so by embedding them in blog posts and writing commentary around them (like so). This is a great technique, but you can take it one step further by creating a separate blog post that contains the same video and a transcription of its audio (like so). The fact is, search engines can’t understand the keyword relevance of your videos if you don’t help them out. By transcribing your videos, you’re giving your content another way to be found by searchers.

So, go back through your collection of videos and check to see if they’re being used to their full potential. If not, you know what to do.

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