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February 2008
by Jay Love You are in for a holiday treat over the next couple of weeks as I introduce our Slingshot SEO Research and Development department and its always unflappable head Mr. Evan Fishkin. When most people think of a technology-related company R&D department, the names Apple, Cisco, Qualcomm and others come to mind. They...
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by Tracy Morgan Earlier this year, Slingshot SEO, Inc. was named one of the 2012 Best Places to Work in Indiana. When we received notification that we were a finalist, we were ecstatic! While we always recognized Slingshot SEO as a great place to work, this award made it official and public. We truly were...
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by Phil Golobish Geek Out [geek-out] –verb Slang. To engage in a conversation of a highly technical nature, typically with some other members of the party you are with, completely (and usually inadvertently) alienating others in the process. ~ There’s no fancy way to say it. There’s also not a technical term for it....
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by Matt Hunckler Depending on what books and blogs you tend to read, you may think “brand” is a bit of a dirty word. Through a recent rebrand experience at Slingshot SEO earlier this year, I gained some perspective on the real value of “brand.” Branding often gets a bad rap, because it’s not always...
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