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3 Tips for mancing I Learned at World & New Media Expo NYC

June 25th, 2012

by Megan Brown

You visit them every day. You obsess over their latest updates, notice their style changes and even monitor who they interact with. You feel odd when you go a day without them, and you wonder how you can get them to notice you.

Well, wonder no further. Although there’s no Facebook status for how you feel about your favorite blog and bloggers, due to the changing nature of SEO and Internet marketing, your relationship with them is one you should be interested in growing.

Two weeks ago, I attended BlogWorld & New Media Expo NYC and had the opportunity to network with thousands of bloggers from all over the world. The art of blogmancing – a term I coined to describe how to get the attention, ignite conversation and develop a relationship with bloggers – can be easily mastered with these three tips I learned from my experience at BlogWorld.

Flying monkeys make great wingmen.

At BlogWorld, there were seminars covering myriad topics, from Podcasting Your Way to Your Dream Job to The Recipes to Build Your Influence. How do you stand out to grab a blogger’s attention from the wealth of collaborative minds teaching these seminars? Flying monkeys. The Slingshot SEO booth is one that deserves a visit every convention due to our innovative approach to creating SEO success. However, with the overwhelming atmosphere of expos, it helps to have that extra oomph. Fritz, our flying slingshot monkey complete with #SEOMonkey cape, never failed to draw in inquisitive bloggers.

Don’t be afraid to show some love.

Now is not the time to be shy. At BlogWorld, I met bloggers who wrote about diverse topics, but they all had one thing in common: passion. They made conversation about why they started their blog, what inspired them to write, and what they envisioned for their brand. Gaining insight might seem like a simple suggestion, but it’s more important to ask questions before you offer solutions. Companies sometimes make the mistake of diving in too quickly without full knowledge of a blog or brand’s priorities. This leads to a company coming off as uncaring, offering unscrupulous advice and creating an uncomfortable situation for all. Encouraging a blogger to open up to you about what matters to them shows them that they matter to you. I enjoyed getting to know bloggers on a personal level—often I got swept up in their excitement about their blog or brand with them. I’ve often found that laying this foundation is the only way to build a healthy, successful partnership.

Put a ring on it.

Commit to a lasting relationship. The end of the expo didn’t mean “goodbye;” it meant “see you later.” Merely exchanging business cards and sending out a form email is no way to treat an important relationship. Show that you’re truly interested in collaboration by personalizing each email you send. Remind bloggers of what you discussed specifically with them and suggest a plan that aligns your goals. Together, you can take the steps necessary for a productive, burgeoning future.

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