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February 2009
by Guest Blogger Meta descriptions are like silly old Uncle Bob who gets ignored at Thanksgiving get-togethers. But did you know that Uncle Bob is actually a multi-millionaire looking for a decent niece or nephew to include in his will? Like Bob, meta descriptions are often ignored or duplicated on multiple pages by website page...
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by Emily Burgett Chances are, you’ve seen or heard of KONY 2012 by now. As of March 14th, this 30-minute documentary developed by Invisible Children has over 77 million views. It’s exploding on social media sites worldwide while defying the standard rule of thumb to only produce video content that lasts two to four minutes....
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by Slingshot Bloggers Press Release Contact: Daren Tomey VP of Sales 888.603.7337 ext.205 Kevin Bailey, President and cofounder of Slingshot SEO, provides insight into “How to Value SEO” in terms of Google first page ranking. Answering the question, “What’s the value of a first page search engine ranking, anyway?” is the driving force behind the...
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by Jay Love My tenure at Slingshot SEO has now surpassed the one-month mark in time. To say the least, the pace has been slightly below unbelievable! In a typical week, we add one to two new employees, further expand our close relationships with several customers, sign contracts with a few well-known brand customers and...
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