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January 2011
by Emily Burgett WordPress and Tumblr are both great platforms for sharing engaging content that beginners and advanced web developers alike can employ. Depending on your message and type of audience you would like to attract, you may decide that one platform delivers that message better than the other. So what should you do if...
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by Shari Finnell Back in the day when I was a rookie newspaper reporter, I worked for an editor with a morning routine that constantly set his staff on edge … every day. I can picture him now … a cup of black coffee in one hand, while he anxiously scanned the competitor’s newspaper in...
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by Guest Blogger Ken Moorhead is the social media manager and blog editor for Compendium, the business blogging platform. When not busy writing creative briefs for the Compendium staff blog, he fills the hours with MBA studies and general hijinx. In the comments following my last post, Six Minutes to Understanding Business Blogging, Kyle Lacy...
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by Courtney Logel Indianapolis (Monday, August 8)-  Jay Love, one of the most respected technology entrepreneurs in Indiana, is returning to his home state to lead Slingshot SEO, the company dedicated to providing digital relevance for deserving brands. One of the founders of eTapestry and most recently CEO of Baltimore-based software developer Social Solutions, Love...
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by Steven Shattuck If you tuned into the April 26thMarketingSherpa webinar, “How to Accelerate Lead Quality & Conversions with Content Marketing Optimization,” you learned that good content makes for a better search experience and increased conversions. In case you missed the webinar, though, here are 3 key takeaways from the presentation: 1) Start With Research:...
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