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by Jesse Laffen Have you noticed Google’s real-time results for certain queries being integrated into the organic search results? If you haven’t, here’s a snapshot of what they look like: These blog posts, news stories, and, most often, tweets are fed into Google and Bing’s organic results as they are created, stacked on top of...
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by Phil Golobish In SEO, ranking fluctuations are part of the business. Similarly, extreme ranking drops are also part of the business. However, as professional SEO consultants we realize our response to these occasional setbacks is what sets us apart from lesser SEO practitioners. Further, as professionals, we should have both the processes in place...
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by Jesse Laffen Does your website have images? Of course it does! Images make content more lively and attractive, helping to keep a visitor’s attention focused on your message. Too often, however, we see we websites ignoring the few easy guidelines Google has published regarding optimization of your images. Following these rules takes little effort,...
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by Joe Melton As the Client Success Manager at Slingshot SEO, it’s my responsibility to constantly monitor and report on the status of our clients’ SEO campaigns.  We have a 100% track record of getting all our clients’ web sites to page 1 of Google for their chosen keyword phrases within 12 months.  You can...
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by Jeff Rothe This post was written by a Slingshot SEO Client Success Manager. Its purpose is to share a success story of a brand consolidation SEO process — a complicated task with thousands of variables to manage. This post provides a use case for similar search media efforts. All comments, suggestions, and questions are...
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