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August 2008
by Shari Finnell In this age of technology, cheating has never been easier. No, I’m not talking about cheating on your better half. That’s an entirely different story that – as we would say here at Slingshot – doesn’t fit into our RELEVANCY standards for this particular blog. OK. Back to this cheating thing. Here...
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by Jay Love In my previous post, we explored how Slingshot SEO’s Research and Development department came into being, as well as peered inside the personalities and backgrounds of the three members that make up the team. This week, we’re digging a little deeper to take a look at the numerous projects the R&D team...
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by David Tittle Over the last few weeks, Google has released a number of big updates.  Most notably has been the Google +1 Button (Plus One) and the Google + (Google Plus) social network.  In the shadow of these updates, Google has removed some of their features in preparation of their user experience/site design changes. ...
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