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New Search Engine Puts Spin on Things: Blekko

by Slingshot Bloggers Buffer Founded in 2007, Blekko is the newest search engine among powerhouses Google and Bing.  According to TechCrunch, the company’s query relevancy is comparable to Google—making search engine users wonder, “What makes Blekko different than Google?”  The answer: the ability to specialize your search with the use of slashtags, a distinct feature […]

Introductions of the Third Kind

by Evan Fishkin It is with great joy that I make my first post to this esteemed blog. I’ve been reading the works of the Slingshot SEO team for decades (blatant lie) and it is my great pleasure to join them in their Quest for the Holy Grail (Disclaimer: The Holy Grail referred to here […]

Personalized Content Pays Off

by Rasheite Radcliff Content is King: It seems that phrase, attributed to a Bill Gates article circa 1996, will never expire. It is the most important aspect of the internet these days, and unless you are satisfying your customers with great content you probably aren’t returning good search results. But it goes far beyond writing […]

Enterprise SEO: Fortune 500 Natural Search Questions Answered

by Jeremy Dearringer I recently sat on a search summit panel for a Fortune 500 company. Their natural search questions covered ROI, social media and the management process. These were my answers to those panel questions. What does enterprise SEO look like as a management process in the next few years? As digital relevance marketers, […]

Page Load Times, Speed as a Ranking Factor

by Jeremy Dearringer I just watched an interview with Matt Cutts at Pubcon in Las Vegas. In this interview he discusses speed and website load times as possible ranking factors for Google’s Caffeine search. We have known for some time that load times affect your quality score for Google Adwords PPC advertising not to mention […]