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by Shari Finnell Back when I was working as an editor for a monthly magazine, I started my morning with an exercise routine. It went something like this: Delete, delete, delete … pause … delete, delete, pause … click, click, click … delete, delete. Faced with a mailbox that was flooded with hundreds of emails...
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by Jeff Rothe This post was written by a Slingshot SEO Client Success Manager. Its purpose is to share a success story of a brand consolidation SEO process — a complicated task with thousands of variables to manage. This post provides a use case for similar search media efforts. All comments, suggestions, and questions are...
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by Derek Smith In today’s globalized business environment it’s crucial to develop and refine your international business presence online. Even if you’re an industry leader, you’re likely missing out on significant sales if customers in other countries aren’t finding your website in their searches. International SEO can help you achieve top search rankings outside of...
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by Rasheite Radcliff We have heard many times that any press is good press, but let’s be honest with ourselves—bad press does not stimulate the loyalty a brand wants and deserves from its customer or client base. When you think of press releases you think about something timely and newsworthy—a charity event for breast cancer...
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by Steven Shattuck On the first Friday in May, I had the pleasure of joining Jeff Jordan, the Social Media Product Manager at Adobe, and Beth Perell, VP of Communications & Information Management at Goodwill Industries International for a panel discussion – Feeling Socially Awkward: A Strategy for Measuring this Hip New World – at...
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by Rasheite Radcliff Content is King: It seems that phrase, attributed to a Bill Gates article circa 1996, will never expire. It is the most important aspect of the internet these days, and unless you are satisfying your customers with great content you probably aren’t returning good search results. But it goes far beyond writing...
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